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Why should I get a wedding video?

The way we envision a wedding video is to allow the bride and groom to relive their special day. We feel that you can get immersed in a video more so than photography, without diminishing the importance of photography of course! 

Having a video gives you more chance of capturing specific details (whether it be an amazing facial expression from Uncle Dave or Auntie Pam's embarrassing dance moves!) that may be missed in photos.

What is a ‘Feature’ edit? Should we get one?

We offer different video options, whether it be a shorter 5-10 minute highlight video of the day, or a 30-90 minute “feature” or extended edit as we call it, which would include full or part coverage of your ceremony and/or speeches. We aim to make either option entertaining and easy to watch over and over. The more popular choice nowadays is the highlight video as people tend to prefer to share a concise representation of their day on social media. Believe it or not, more time and effort actually goes into producing a highlight or extended edit, as opposed to a full 2-3 hour documentary!

How long should I book a wedding videographer for?

We offer different time frames to suite your budget. Our most popular time frame is coverage from the moment guests begin to arrive for the ceremony, until the end of the first dance (or cake cutting, depending on which comes later). However, we are more than happy to arrive earlier in the day and leave later at night. In answer to the question, it's entirely up to you! Some people prefer only capturing the ceremony, some people want the whole day. There is no wrong or right, unless you want to be safe rather than sorry and book us for the whole day.

Will the wedding videographer ruin the atmosphere and annoy our guests?

Our aim with videography is to adapt the “fly on the wall” mentality. We try and be as subtle as possible. We tend to go unnoticed and require little to no direction through the course of the day. We often end up pleasantly surprising clients when sending over the first draft of the video with the amount of the day we actually managed to capture. Despite being unnoticed.

I can’t afford to get everything I’d ideally like…what should I prioritise when it comes to wedding videography?

We recommend that you have us booked for as long as possible. Rather than trying to salvage multiple edits out of a small amount of footage.

Roughly how long will an edited wedding video run for?

This depends on how long you have us booked for, and what you want to include in the video. More often than not, you will end up with a separate edit of the speeches. A highlight video can be between 5-10 minutes and an extended edit can be between 30-90 minutes.

Can we provide our own music to feature in the background of the video?

We are more than happy to take suggestions for music, however we prefer to take the reigns when it comes to creative choice. We prefer to use our own techniques and creative minds to tell the story of your day. Music choice is a massively important factor in this. Another thing to consider is the fact that we cannot use copyrighted music, so this will probably rule out your song suggestions altogether. With this in mind, we do have access to a library of expressive, emotional and suitable music to compliment your video.


How long until I can expect to receive the completed films?

Depending on the time of year, our turnaround time varies between 4-12 weeks.

Do you record in high-definition (HD)?

We film everything in HD (1080p). 

We’d like to get our wedding filmed, but the price seems so expensive. Why is this?

This is probably the most difficult question to answer simply. Instead, here is a list of processes and things to consider when booking a videographer. Hopefully this will justify it:

Administration, enquiries, marketing, gear (cameras, tripods, audio recording equipment, lighting, and additional tools to ensure smooth and stable footage), gear maintenance, transport, meeting with clients, organising schedules, preparation (charging batteries, cleaning lenses, clearing cards), filming, editing (downloading footage, watching through, cutting down, choosing music, story-telling, colour-grading, touching up, exporting, uploading), re-editing, recovering, repeating . Wedding Videography is a huge, detailed, and time consuming process. If we didn’t charge what we did, the product would suffer. 

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